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Motorcycle & Powersports


Xioma Automotive Developed a complete Solution for Motorcycles importers and distributors

Xioma Automotive is an entire ERP solution that includes end-to-end tools that enable a smooth approach towards delivering value to the end user

Xioma Automotive  is built on a foundation of an advanced ERP platform that uses the best of what the IT world has to offer


​Solution Coverage:

Vehicle Management

The solution provides comprehensive support for managing the vehicle lifecycle including:

  • Installed components

  • Vehicle service history

  • History of ownership

  • Profit and loss analysis at the serial level


Supports the pre delivery Inspection process for motorcycles for importers and dealers


Supports new and used Vehicles trade-in deals


​Supports the standard repair shop & mobile repair units’ activities and functionality:

  • Vehicle job card

    • Management and log all-around information regarding a vehicle’s visit in the repair shop

    • Billing mechanism that enables the dealer to debit each line of labor or parts in the job card upon up to three debitors with a specified ratio

  • Service Schedule

    • Utilization of resources for repair shops and mobile units

    • Enables the workshop to plan ahead known service requirements

  • Warranty Claims
    Management of warranty claims registered by the dealer’s affiliate repair shops or claims directed to the manufacturer by the dealer

  • Campaign Management
    Manage and track campaigns whether activated by the manufacturer (Recalls) or internally

  • Profit center management

    • Department level

    • Logistic import

    • Job costing

  • Motorcycles are managed as items under a suitable category and in unique warehouses

  • Spare parts Issue/Return

  • Direct Sales – A dealer can use his warehouse’s front desk for direct sales of spare parts

Sales and leads management

The solution includes full support for the lead generation and management embedding unique automotive best practices such as:

  • Test drive scheduling

  • Vehicle configuration integration

  • Marketing campaign management (Omni Channel)

  • Importer – Dealer sales collaboration

  • Flexible sales scenarios

Digital Presence

The solution includes full support for digital presence effective results:

  • Web site CMS

  • Google analytics integration

  • Facebook integration

  • Personalized customer / lead “My account”


Full support of sales process – From quotation to invoice of both new and used Motorcycles

  • Contract Management
    A contract Master data form holds all information regarding a lease contract of a specific vehicle, such as: Start and End dates, Insurance details, Index rates, Linked activities and documents, Detailed sections of the contract including tracking of consumption, Attachments and more

  • Event Tracking
    Enables the leasing manager to log and track all events regarding the contract, for example: Contract start, insurance expiry, traffic tickets, special billing, etc.


  • Recurring Billing
    A set of processes that enables the creation of customer invoices

  • Full support of purchase process – Purchase Order to the manufacturer, Landed costs document etc.

  • The purchase processes support both the purchase of Motorcycle, OEM parts and local suppliers


Xioma Automotive Technology & Business Benefits:

Xioma Automotive bring you state-of-the-art technology.

Amongst many benefits, you can achieve a competitive edge by using:

Alerts & Notifications
Keeps you informed of all relevant transactions via email, fax, sms etc.


Strong Reporting Tools
Allows for better understanding of the state of the business.


Highly Customizable

Adds another layer to the best practices in the form of specific enterprise differentials that sharpen the competitive edge.


Tight Integration 
Connects between all entities in the system and creates critical internal relationships within the business.


Approval Procedure 
Enables automation of core processes


Multiple Currency / Sites / Companies

Extends the reach beyond typical boundaries to support future growth.

Open Architecture 
Helps in creating data interfaces in the automotive ecosystem (a common need in the industry).

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