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Parts Management


Parts Wholesalers

  • Advanced catalog management including integration to international part / model data sources

  • Retail promotions such as volume discounts, buy one get one etc.

  • Integrated landed cost and import management

  • Integrated MRP with an option to advance to a professional forecasting tool

  • Built in bin location management with optional WMS module

  • Support for part replacement processes


Xioma Automotive provides a fully integrated solution for parts retail processes, the solution supports both pure parts retailing and parts as part or dealership business


Dealers Parts Business

Selling spare parts falls under the category of after-sales service and is one of the major revenue streams for a dealer


Selling spare parts requires management of logistical processes of stock keeping and ongoing synchronization with technological updates, parts variations and the manufacturer’s demands. 
The main challenge is to keep inventory levels at a minimum while maintaining high levels of service and customer satisfaction

The Xioma Automotive spare parts module enables the user to separate the activities of the warehouse stock keeping from the service processes and the job card management

A job card can be created by a service specialist who then contacts the customer in the front line and recommends which required parts and labor are needed

The Stock keeper would then open a thin version of the job card and issue the parts needed for the service

A dealer can also use his warehouse’s front desk for direct sales of spare parts. This requires, in addition to the standard inventory processes the dealer must manage (Inventory planning, procurement, etc.), the implementation of sales processes in the warehouse

These are all core SAP Business One processes, which can be accessed directly from within the automotive dealership solution’s menu, such as creating an A/R Invoice for the parts, receiving the payment and issuing a payment document. this way, the warehouse can be measured as a standalone profit center with its own goals and sales targets

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