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Rent & Lease


Xioma Automotive provides a fully integrated solution for vehicle rent and lease contract management covering all the various business aspects and processes

Xioma Automotive contracts management module provides full integration for maximum operational control and efficiency of your company


Contract Types

  • Operational vehicle leasing - long term rental

  • Vehicle rental - short term rental

  • Maintenance contract

  • Blanket agreement

  • Agreements - SLA, benefits, prices, discounts etc.


​Contract Management


  • Pre-defined contracts templates

  • Prices and discounts management

  • Alerts and notifications

  • Periodically charging mechanism

  • Event driven charging mechanism - fees, damages, etc.

  • Customer billing and dunning process

  • Vehicle pool

  • Contract articles/sections management

  • Supported contract article types –quantitative, informative, sum, etc.

  • Contract evaluation

  • Odometer tracking -including extra odometer billing

  • multiple vehicle per contract

  • contract income and expenses audit

  • insurance management

  • index based contract -currency, rate, etc.


Activities Management

  • Periodical service notification

  • Vehicle license renewal notification

  • Insurance renewal notification

  • Logging of traffic fines

  • Accidents reporting

  • Accident claiming process


Vehicle Management


  • Vehicle master data-containing information such as VIN number, license number, engine number, manufacturer, model, color, etc. as well as information regarding warranty and service frequency

  • Vehicle Service -Scheduled Maintenance and ad hoc

  • Odometer tracking (Km, mileage, hours)

  • Licensing and registration information

  • Insurance including due dates, restrictions and alerts

  • Vehicle cost management and analysis

  • Vehicle history logbook

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