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Partners Program




Large market potential:
The Automotive dealership segment consists of thousands of companies in each country, most of which are relatively small (10 – 50 users). Currently, the market is a fragmented one that is mainly dominated by local players

A Solution Ready to Roll
Xioma Automotive is offered as an entire ERP solution and not only as a simple software program. The solution includes end-to-end tools that enable a smooth approach towards delivering value to the end user.


The solution includes:

  • A sales kit with quotation templates

  • Project Implementation Guide

  • A process Map & Guide

  • Training Materials

  • Pre Configured Data that Matches Industry Best Practices

  • Check Lists and Templates

  • Integration Tools


Who can become a partner?


An automotive expert wanting to enlarge its business with IT

Scenario A

An existing partner wanting to focus on the automotive segment

Scenario B

A company providing ERP services to the SME wanting to break-in to the automotive market

Scenario C

Xioma has two
partner programs


Distributor Program

The distributor partner relationship is of a continuous nature, this means that by being a distributor of Xioma Automotive you receive full support and assistance from Xioma.

Xioma’s involvement, if needed is extensive, meaning that we provide ongoing sales, marketing & technical support in order to assist the distributor partner with any matter. This of course entails that sales and technical training is included in the partnership package.
Although the partner’s initial investment is significant, the ROIs will prove the investment to be a fruitful one. In addition, the distributor partner enjoys limited exclusivity.
An annual minimum sales quantity is required but entails the distributor partner with highly improved margins. Our distributor partners in particular, are very important to us and we treat the relationship with the utmost respect and care


Re-seller Program
The re-seller partner relationship is per transaction, this means that by being a re-seller of Xioma Automotive you will enjoy marketing, selling and supporting Xioma Automotive with almost indefinite independence
Once the partnership agreement is signed, Xioma’s involvement, if needed is minimal.
The true advantage of being Xioma’s reseller partner is the low initial investment. This of course does not affect the significant ROIs the reseller partner is able to achieve.
In addition, no annual minimum sales quantity is required which means that the risk factor of being this type of partner is minimal


Become a Partner!

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